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Teaching techniques to the 70% of Americans who are in debt how to climb out of that debt by reprogramming their thought process and giving them the foundation to stay out of debt and climb to economic success.
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Feb 5, 2017

Crystal J has started an exclusive 2017 savings group and in this savings group, a monthly meeting is held every 4th Wednesday. In this episode Crystal J gives you a recap of the meeting. Wealth Gap, Savings, Debt, Budgeting and cutting back was all topics discussed last month. Tune in! 

May 13, 2016

Crystal J discusses how if you change you vision you will change your life. She discusses how your mindset plays a major role in your finances and you can not live in America's mindset, but you must live in your own and take back the control! 

Apr 7, 2016

Do you feel stuck in your current situation? Crystal J discusses how the only thing that is stuck is your mindset along with giving solutions on how to move forward and break the barrier of being stuck. 

Mar 24, 2016

Crystal J has teamed up with Scotty Hendricks to discuss the importance of your retirement. Scotty discusses 401k, TSP, IRAs, Roth IRAs and long term care! This is one episode you don't want to miss. 

Mar 18, 2016

Crystal J discusses how having fun in the sun can take a major impact on your finances. During this time of year, its all about sunshine, having fun with friends, enjoying the extra hour of sunlight, and getting ready for your kid(s) summer camp. All of these things you must PLAN for and be very cautious of swiping that card! Crystal J gives you tips on how to avoid spending more while still being able to have fun in the sun. 

Mar 3, 2016

Crystal J discusses the power in the word No! She lets you know that it is ok to tell someone NO when it comes to your goals and aspirations. You must stay true to yourself and know that it is ok to stay focused on your dreams and there is nothing wrong with telling others NO. 

Feb 22, 2016

Crystal J tells you the top 5 accounts that are a must have. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, however if you want success and retirement, 2 accounts is just not enough! This episode will give you an eye opener on how to distribute your finances into the proper places. 

Feb 12, 2016

Are you overwhelmed with student loan debt or are your so overwhelmed that have you stopped making payments on your student loan debt completely? on this show, Crystal J gives you solutions on how to get back on track and get your student loan debt paid off! In order to climb to success, you must tackle your debt and especially student loan debt. 

Feb 5, 2016

Crystal J shows you what to watch out for when applying for student loans. She also gives options to you and your parents before you take out loans that will cause a serious financial bind to your future. This is a must listen episode if you are considering college and taking out student loans. 

Jan 22, 2016

Crystal J gives you the dos and don'ts of your tax refund check. She goes into details about what percentage to save along with how to pay off your debt and distribute your refund check properly.